Ctrl-Q: Manage your Qlik Sense environment like a pro.

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Importing 50 apps?
Creating 200 reload tasks?
Deleting old master items from 25 apps?
Ouch 👎

Automate tedious, repetetive and error prone tasks with Ctrl-Q!

Ctrl-Q is an open source (free!!) tool that makes life easier for Qlik Sense admins and developers.

How? By automating the boring stuff, like:

Exporting reload task definitions to disk files
Creating reload tasks from definitions in a Excel or CSV file
Importing apps from disk and create associated reload tasks
View task dependencies as network diagrams, trees or tables
Show (and optionally store to disk) definitions for master dimensions and measures
Import master dimensions and measures from definitions in an Excel file
Delete master dimensions and measures from Sense apps
Update custom properties for muliple tasks
Show (and optionally store to disk) definitions for all bookmarks in Sense apps
Show (and optionally store to disk) definitions for all variables in Sense apps
Scramble fields in Sense apps
Get load script for Sense apps
List and delete user sessions for some or all virtual proxies and proxies

It runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Works with client-managed Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

Latest release: 3.17

Improved handling of getting app scripts for large number of apps.

Available on GitHub.

Contributions welcome!

We use a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub.
New developers are always welcome!

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