Getting Started

Getting started with Ctrl-Q

Download and install

There is no need to install Ctrl-Q. Just download and run.
The GitHub release page has ready-to-run binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The macOS binary is security scanned and signed by Apple, using their standard notarization process. This means you won’t get those annoying unsigned-app-warnings when using the app on macOS.

The Windows binary is signed by an official/commercial app signing certificate that can be verified when needed.


Logging is controlled by the –log-level option.

Valid values are (in order of increasing verbosity): error, warn, info, verbose, debug, silly.

Note: When using log level silly all websocket communication to/from the Sense server will be logged to the console. This means lots of log output.


Security information for Ctrl-Q.

Authentication with Sense

Authentication with client-managed Qlik Sense Enterprise can be done in two ways: certificates and JWTs.

Colors & formatting

Colors & formatting: Windows vs Windows Server vs macOS/Linux

Dry runs

Dry-runs are a good idea!

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